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It is innate in human nature to resist change. Maintaining a quasi-static life is something most people prefer – to have a good pay, to live a settled life. It is only seldom that one opts to go on a hunt for challenges. However, this clichéd view of human aversion towards change has been toppled by the advent of next generation tablet computing.

In a day and age where productivity on the move is of essence, having a computation device in the palm of your hand is a must. Smartphones came, and the world made the switch – old multinational behemoths were uprooted by the competition and world forces shifted in geographic competition from the west to the east. However, there was one restraint that smartphone users always felt – the lack of a large canvas for significant work. It is this void that is slowly being filled by tablets. Having its roots in Microsoft’s failed attempt during the beginning of the early 21st century, tablets have come a long way to be a part of the mobile computing boom. What Microsoft had failed to do back then was merely make the device not so user friendly! Consumers, as I’ve stated before – resisted change which made their lives more complex and which involved a significant learning process! This is what was identified by Apple, who went on to make the tablet computing niche a successful one – with its foundation in simplicity. People embraced it with open arms, and Apple had gained a strong foothold in the sphere of tablet computing.


The success of the new generation tablet vis-à-vis their venerable counterparts has been its simplicity. People love change when the switch from the old to the new is a breeze. With Apple’s success, other major players including Samsung started introducing tablets without an apt support from the Android’s App ecosystem. This is where Apple gained the much needed traction, given the intrinsic design of the apps enabling them to function in both their phones and their tablets in a jiffy. Fragmentation and other problems stalled the sale of android based tablets, until Google decided to give the tablet segment some justice by introducing a dedicated Honeycomb OS. All this led to further fragmentation, and Google had to play catch-up with Apple, whose product was consolidating its significant lead in table market share. This is when Google went ahead with unifying its mobile and tablet OS to introduce the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor of the Android OS, further maturing into the Jelly Bean version to the latest OS, Android KitKat. With great milestones comes even greater amounts of complacency. Apple started to rest on their laurels and the famed iPad was no longer seen as the game changer. Though Apple’s market share in the tablet space is still significant, other manufacturers have joined the party. The likes of Amazon, with its fantastic product Kindle Fire HD, to Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab lineup and a host of other manufacturers are constantly eating into the market where Apple once seemed undefeatable.


With a range of competitive tablets from well-respected companies, purchasing one is a herculean task. There is always the fear that one may pick the wrong product given the vast choice available. Impulsive and irrational decisions based on the price of the product, it’s after sales service and its screen size may only lead to a lighter wallet and a tempered mind. It is here that this website will be useful.

Our website aims at throwing light into the umpteen products that crowd the market today. We will, through our product reviews, aim to bring clarity into the minds of the consumers who are often left muddled in thought when they head to a store to purchase an up and coming product. Do not be misled by the talk doled out by the ones at the store! They are often compelled by sales targets to market one product in better light over the others. Some of the products that we will be reviewing from a purely neutral perspective are – the iPads, Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Samsung Galazy Note 10.1 and a whole lot more. Keep following our site for more on this!